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032 Allarps Terrasser WEB 1.jpg
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032 Allarps Terrasser WEB 2.jpg
032 Allarps Terrasser WEB 3.jpg

Allarps Terrasser

Allarp, Laholm, Sweden

Status: Ongoing 2021-
Gross area: 1300 square meters
Client: Eddie Bengtsson Bygg & Högkvarteret Fastigheter

10 rowhouses in a new neighbourhood called Allarp at the foot of the Hallandsås ridge near the town Båstad. Every unit has its own roof terrace reachable from a balcony acting as shelter to the entrance below. The contemporary architectural design is combined with a warm facade in timber cladding and delicate silver grey aluminium details. 

Visualizations by Shanks Studio. 

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